Personal website of Amir Minayi Jalil

امیر مینایی جلیل

 I'm Amir Minayi Jalil, a postdoctoral research fellow at Ottawa University, Ottawa, Canada. I am working with prof. Claude D'Amours. My current research lies at the intersection of resource-allocation for wireless networks and linear programming. I'm also engaged in blind deconvolution for geophysical applications.

I have research experience in the following fields: 

  • Digital communications
    • Cooperative networks (my PhD thesis)
    • Resource allocation and Relay-assignment
    • Network coding and distributed coding
    • Underwater Acoustic communications (first year of my postdoctoral research)
  • Signal processing and statistical signal processing
    • Statistical analysis of communications schemes (in order to calculate SNR distribution, BER, and diversity order)
    • Blind adaptive filtering
    • Transform domain adaptive filtering
    • Echo cancellation
    • Wavelet transform
    • Code design for CDMA applications
  • Image processing
    • Blind image deconvolution and expectation-maximization algorithm
    • Wavelet transform and its applications in image processing
  • Linear programming


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